Vera, TX

Don’t blink or you will miss Vera.  The town of Vera has always been a farming community.  A community formed around 1890 and called themselves White Flats but they had to change their name because another post office in Texas already had that named so the town named the community after the daughter of one of the earliest settlers to the area.  At its height in 1990 there were 276 people living in Vera but now there is about 50.  There are most cattle ranchers and farms in the area today.








Above are some pictures taken inside of Vera.  I love the old community center.  It is a big concrete slab with covered basketball goals.  You can picnic, play basketball, hold dances and other activities under a large tin roof.  The cover can’t be to protect from the rain as it doesn’t rain enough but probably to shield from the bright, hot summer sun.  You can see the cows in the pasture on the other side.  The second picture is of the Vera post office.  I don’t think it is operational anymore and you can see the old flag pole where the U.S. flag used to wave.

As I stopped to take a picture of Vera a man in a large pickup truck stopped and asked if he could help me.  There aren’t very many people stopping to take pictures in Vera.  Most just drive past at 70 MPH.  He was suspicious.









The pictures above tell the story of a dying West Texas town and the changing landscape of population movement away from the agrarian society to the city.


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